About Us


Dating back to the year 1900 in Uganda, the history of Mehta Group is marked by several significant milestones. Over the decades, the Group has expanded, redeveloped, modernised and established itself as a major contributor to the global economy.


Development of industries in Uganda: Tea plantation, ginnery, sugarcane plantation, sugar factory


Commencement of operations in India: Textile mill and ginning factory set up in Porbandar (Gujarat) and trading company in Bombay


Expansion of operations in India: Cement plant (Saurashtra Cement Limited) established in 1956


The turning point in the Group's history:

  • Expulsion of Asians from Uganda by Idi Amin in 1972
  • Consultancy wing in India
  • Plastic manufacturing unit set up in Canada
  • Tremendous expansion of the Group in terms of size, value and geographical spread
  • Called back to Uganda after the end of Idi Amin's regime


Successful rehabilitation and expansion:

  • Active period for the Agrima Consultancy wing - consultancy to Ethiopia, Cameroon, Sudan, Burundi, Nigeria and in Asia to Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.
  • Rehabilitation of all Ugandan companies.
  • Second cement plant - Gujarat Sidhee Cement Limited, formerly Cement Corporation of Gujarat Limited

1990 -2000:

New ventures and modernisation:

  • Successful foray into the field of finance and banking with the establishment of Transafrica Assurance Company Limited.
  • Modernisation and expansion of cement plants in India.

2000 -2010:

  • Total privatization of all companies in Uganda with the Mehta Group buying out the Government stake.
  • Addition of new distillery of 30,000 liters per day in Uganda
  • Expansion of Sugar Corporation of Uganda Limited (SCOUL)'s capacity to 3,000 tons cane per day
  • Enhancing the Infrastructural capabilities in India:
    • Captive jetty at Porbandar Port which can berth ships up to 37,000 DWT; with a loading capability of 20,000 Ts, equipped with two cement silos and fully mechanized loading facilities.
    • 25 megawatt Thermal Power Plant at Saurashtra Cement, with multiple fuel options; can provide the complete power requirements for the entire cement plant operations.