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Trans Africa Transafrica Assurance is a leading non-life insurance provider in Africa. It commenced operations in 1992 headquartered at Kampala.

TransAfrica Assurance Limited marks a significant diversification for the Mehta Group into the field of financial services. The hallmark of this company is a scientific approach

in the field of general insurance. It has collaborations with leading reinsurance organizations through international brokers like J.B. Boda Reinsurance Brokers, Africa Reinsurance Corporation Nairobi, General Insurance Corporation of India, and many more.

Transafrica Assurance has wide portfolio of product options in Assets, Marine, Liability, Motor, Engineering & employee benefits.

TransAfrica Assurance Limited is run by professionals with rich experience in the insurance sector, and the company insures its clients against various risks in property, liability and personal cover.

Backed by strong financial strength of Mehta Group, we believe in development of relationships with effective & fast servicing.

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