Agro Chemicals

Agro Chemicals

Agro Chemicals Agro-Chemical and Food Company Limited (ACFC) was established in 1978 to produce power alcohol from sugarcane molasses, to be blended with petrol and finally make gasohol. This programme was subsequently amended as follows:

  • To produce and sell various grades of spirits and yeast of very high quality from sugar cane molasses.
  • To create employment and to generate economic gains for the government and the shareholders.

The company products i.e. alcohol, Active Dry Yeast (ADY), and Wet Yeast (WY) are produced from raw molasses procured from various sugar factories.

The installed capacity of the alcohol plant is 18 million litres of alcohol per year. The ADY plant has an installed capacity of 1200 tons and is expanding continuously to meet rising demands. Wet yeast, on the other hand, has potential for acceptance in the bakery segment market.

The new ENA plant is expected to rejuvenate the market. The company intends to diversify into new products as a strategy to remain sustainable.

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